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Soft Brown Brow Stamp™ Kit

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Our Brow Stamp kit is your 5-second solution for perfect brows. The hardwearing formula is waterproof and creates a flawless finish that lasts all day and night. Unlike other brow products our advanced powder-based formula creates a natural finish and is not shiny. The pigment is easily buildable if you prefer a fuller brow, or want to go a shade darker.

Our range is vegan and cruelty-free, always

The shade 'Soft Brown' is recommended for medium brown hair with highlights and warmth

    Unsure which colour to choose? Try our colour match quiz

    Frequently Asked Questions about brow stamps 👇

    Most women have experimented with almost anything when it comes to having the perfect-looking eyebrows. The tiring part is, we need to do it over and over again each time we go out. This is why a lot of makeup companies have innovated on ways to make it easier for women to have perfectly-shaped brows without spending too much time in front of the mirror.

    Pengbrows brow stamp is the latest "brow hack" to have the perfect eyebrows, effortlessly and easily. 

    The Pengbrows eyebrow stamp works like any other stamp. You have a sponge applicator which will eventually create the shape of the brow. You’ll also have the makeup powder that will be used to fill in those eyebrows. The brow stamp is used in conjunction with the Pengbrows stencils which feature a variety of shapes to suit all needs.

    Just like any other makeup tools such as eyebrow pencils, stencils, and powder, this will last you the whole day. It’s perfect for those who are always in a hurry and have no time to spend on making their eyebrow shapes perfect. Our formula is also water and sweat proof.

    The great part is, using an eyebrow stamp is way easier than using other techniques like eyebrow pencils. Our kits contain everything to make it genuinely really easy to have great looking brows, really quickly and easily. We have had fantastic feedback from older ladies with unsteady hands on how easy our kits are to use.

    For those who are not used to creating the perfectly-shaped eyebrows, the eyebrow stamp will make it easy for you to shape and fill in your brows, spending little time and effort. It’s easy and you can re-apply it throughout the day. We are super proud of our high quality product and hope that shows through our packaging and products.

    1. For best results, we recommend using with a primer and setting spray.

    2. Start at the end of your brow and lightly work your way inwards.

    3. We recommend stamping more on the outsides for the ombre look

    4. Don't be afraid to experiment with different stencil shapes!

    5. Our product can also be used on the scalp for hair loss

    Yes! Our product looks great with brow glues. We recommend using our kit first and then using the glue. We are super excited to be launching our own range of glues coming soon!

    There are lots of cheap brow stamps available on the market which offer a really low quality product which you will use once and never again, putting you off brow stamps for life! Our premium brow stamp kits have been created to be used every day, they make it effortless to have fantastic brows. Don't just take our word for it, read some of our amazing reviews! All of our brow stamps are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They also include no parabens.

    Quick and Easy

    Our premium kits means 5 second brows like you aint never had before. Trust us, you really have to try it to believe it!

    Cruelty Free

    All of our products are 100% cruelty free. This means that we do not have testing on animals, ever.

    Water & Sweatproof

    Our Pengbrows Stamps are waterproof and sweat proof, ensuring all day wear, work or play.


    Products which are vegan do not contain any animal ingredients, nor animal-derived ingredients.