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Why Brow Stamps Are Having a Serious Makeup Moment

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Searches for brow stamps in the UK/IRE have increased 800% in 2021

Beauty trends are here today and gone tomorrow. It’s unique when a product sticks around – even more so when it goes from a niche product to a must-have makeup essential. Enter the brow stamp. In the last year, according to Google trends, searches for brow stamps have risen by more than 800%. So, what’s all the hype about? It’s a combination of people wanting to streamline their makeup routine with the growing trend of focusing on our eye makeup as face masks remain the norm.

If you’ve ever scrolled through your TikTok feed, the chances are that you’ve come across at least one viral video about brow stamps. These multi-tasking kits come with everything you need, from the different brow stencils to ink stamps that help you create sleek brows in under 60 seconds.

We’re looking at the popularity of brow stamps and how they’ve become one of the biggest makeup trends of 2021. Grab your credit card. If you don’t already own a brow stamp, you’ll be clicking ‘add to cart’ by the end of this article.

The simplicity of brow stamps

There’s no denying that eyebrows are an art form. We’ve all spent hours sitting in front of a mirror trying to achieve the perfect brows. If you struggle with sparseness, thinning brows, or an uneven shape, this can be even more of a challenge. We’ve all said the mantra, “my eyebrows are sisters, not twins” while wanting to throw a brow pen across the room.

If you’ve ever struggled with doing your makeup, you want to try an eyebrow stamp. Just like stamp eyeliner, a brow stamp takes away the stress of trying to achieve the perfect natural-looking shape. You can get effortlessly chic and on-trend brows without visiting a salon by using a brow stamp.

Post-pandemic makeup trends

Brow stamps are popular because they play into two post-pandemic makeup trends – sleek eye makeup and natural beauty. If you’re a fan of dewy, glowing makeup, you’ll know that a part of that look is all about having well-groomed brows. The aesthetic is understated makeup meets healthy skin - without a (brow) hair out of place.

During the pandemic, we’ve all switched our focus to eye makeup. Our favourite lipstick shades have been gathering dust in the bottom of our makeup bag, while eye products have reigned supreme. Your eyebrows have never been more important. If you don’t want to commit to – or spend the money on – treatments like microblading, you can get the same look with a brow stamp.

Makeup routines are also becoming more streamlined. Gone are the days of 20-step makeup routines, with multi-tasking products becoming amongst the must-have beauty products of 2021. The most popular TikTok beauty trends include hacks and tricks on how to do your makeup in the blink of an eye.

With a brow stamp, you can achieve sleek brows on the go, whether you’re commuting to work or catching a plane. Your dream brows have never been easier to achieve.

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