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The Most Common Brow Mistakes That EVERYONE Makes

The Most Common Brow Mistakes That EVERYONE Makes

Does doing your brows feel like a chore? We get you! If you go in too heavy with your brow pencil or get distracted, it’s easy to mess up your brows. There are a few mistakes that everyone makes. Perfecting your brows takes time and practice. At Pengbrows, it’s our goal to make perfect brows an everyday reality. With the help of our brow stamp kit and brow stencil, it’s easier than ever to achieve your dream brows. It takes seconds, too.

These are the most common brow mistakes that you want to avoid. Trust us. We’ve all made these mistakes.


Overdoing your brows

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. It’s easy to get carried away with your brows. One mistake that people make is over-doing the front of their brows, giving them a harsh appearance. Your natural brows have less pigment at the front, meaning you want to keep a light hand when using your brow stamp there. As you move towards the brow tail, you can apply a little more pressure.


You’re holding your mirror too close

Tweezers are a girl’s best friend. This handy tool keeps your brow hairs at bay between waxing and brow appointments. If you’re holding your mirror too close to your face, it’s easy to start overplucking. No one wants super thin and overplucked brows – they went out of fashion in the early 2000s. They’re one trend we don’t want to see come back. Step back from the mirror so that you can clearly see your brows.


You don’t know how to map your brows

Your brows are the curtains for your eyes, framing your face and accentuating your features. One mistake that people make is when they don’t know where their brows start and end. It’s easy to drag your brow pencil a little too far. Overdrawing your brows can change your face, making it look shorter. Our brow stencil is a fool-proof way of mapping your brows to give them the perfect shape.


Trying to make them twins

We get it. Everyone wants to try and make their brows look as perfect as possible. The truth is that your brows are sisters – not twins. Getting caught up trying to make them look identical often causes them to look the opposite. Work on your brows until they look balanced and as though they’re related. Knowing when to stop is just as important as knowing where to start with your brows.


Going too dark with your brow products

One mistake we’re all guilty of is going too dark with our brow products. Most of us try to match our brows to our hair colour, which isn’t always the best option. You want to avoid an exact match and instead go for a colour two shades lighter than your hair. You want to consider your skin’s undertone and your eye colours when choosing what products to use. Our Peng Brow Stamps are available in seven shades to give you a perfectly seamless look.

Need help perfecting your brows? Not sure what you’re doing wrong? Drop us a message at to speak to our friendly team.

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