Do Eyebrow Stamps Really Work?

Do Eyebrow Stamps Really Work?

We all hate wasting our hard earned cash on products that don't live up to their expectations. We're here to find out whether or not brow stamps really work, and if they are worth the hype that's surrounding them currently.

The simple answer is yes, and they are worth their weight in gold. Our Pengbrows brow stamp was featured and loved by Glamour UK, where they went on to write about their experience with our amazing product. They are really easy to use, you can watch our Pengbrows Brow Kit Tutorial here. 

Not only do brow stamps ensure that both brows are similar looking, they are a great time saver for our customers. One of our customers (pictured below) stated she is saving 20 minutes a day using our Pengbrows Brow Stamp, which equates to 140 minutes a week. What would you do with the spare time? Get more sleep, exercise, self care, or catch up on your favourite show? It's completely up to you. All we know is that it's worth it! 

Are they easy to use, though? Our Pengbrows brow stamp kits have been used all over the world, by people from all walks of life. One of our amazing customers is blind, and manages to use her kit with ease and displays perfect results. You can view one of her TikTok videos using the Pengbrows Brow Stamp Kit here. So yes, they are absolutely so easy to use, you could do it with your eyes shut!


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